A Level 1: 1 Tutorial Sessions

All tutorial sessions will take place in the Deanfield Campus at the Henley College

​Enrolled students will be able to access their revision material on learnzone/ Teams.

Online support is not currently available for A level biology to non-Henley College Students.

​Students will be able to take any resources away with them on a USB memory stick, subject to copyright of TheComputingTutor

​It is assumed that the exam board will be OCR .

As part of the Tutorial programme students can expect

  • Detailed support in their curriculum

  • Detailed help in their project requirements, implementation and write up

  • Focused support on revision sessions

  • Focused past paper question targeted to each student on the areas they are not sure about​​

A typical session may involve​

  • Covering any questions from the student

  • Identifying common areas of difficulty

  • Individual activities

  • Practice past paper questions with access to textbooks

  • Practice past paper questions under exam conditions

This will start in January 2020

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