BTEC IT Unit 5 Data Modelling

The BTEC Unit 5 Data Modelling is an optional unit for All certification levels.

T​he Pearson 'Cheese Shop' Authorised Assignment brief is one of the more challenging assignments from Pearson.


TheComputingTutor is pleased to announce the release of a full worked model Answer for the BTEC IT Unit 5 Data Modelling Assignment 2.


This is a full worked answer for "The Cheese Shop", including Named Ranges, Macros, VBA code, Graphs, Functions and Formulas, all of which are designed to answer the Assignment 2 Authorised Assignment Brief from Pearson.


In addition there is a Teacher Guide showing how the bulk of the sheet is put together.


You will have full access to the sheet, the macros and the functions so you can see how it works and then use this to help guide your students.


At the bottom of the page is a link to download a free sample as a limited functionality excel sheet. All macros and functions have been removed and these will only be available in the full version.


If you are interested in buying the resources, the price for a full model answer is £125. Please email me for purchase information.

To view a small sample of the resource, click here to download a PDF sample.


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