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BTEC IT Unit 4 VB.NET Exemplar Solution

This is a full worked answer for "The Event Booking System" Pearson AAB, including Procedures and Functions, If Else statements, While loops, Single and 2 Dimensional arrays, local and global variables and validation functions. The program has been coded as a VB.NET Console Application. ​


The solution has been fully commented to aid understanding and also includes some limited Object Orientated Programming.​


In addition there is a Teacher Guide showing how the program is put together, that includes a flowchart as well as any design decision and assumptions. You will have full access to the sheet and the source code so you can see how it works and then use this to help guide your students.

BTEC IT Unit 4 VB.NET Exemplar Solution

  • "Purchasing the entire suite of unit 4 resources has drastically reduced my workload and improved the learning experience for our students.

    I can’t recommend enough, Thank you!!


    ​Mr. Matthew McDermott, Teacher of ICT, City of Portsmouth College, Hampshire



    "The overall Learning Aim introduction and sections for the criteria and the Assignments ensure that teachers and students are working towards the correct Learning Aim criteria and provided examples and expansion on the points needing to be covered.


    The additional checklist of the submission requirements also is 'beloved' by our students, they use it as a go to resource to ensure that all of the points and work products are included for each criteria needed to be covered!"


    ​Ms Pamela Hearsum, Head of Subject IT & Computer Science, Peter Symonds College, Hampshire

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