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New Arrival! A Complete Teaching Scheme of Work for BTEC IT Unit 6 Website Development

TheComputingTutor is proud to present a complete 35 lesson teaching Scheme of Work optional unit, along the lines of our other popular Scheme of Work units - Unit 9 Project Management and Unit 4 Programming.

The resource has been developed with a primary focus on using Notepad++ for the HTML, CSS and JavaScript with over 70 exercises, class tasks, discussion and research activities with suggested answers covering Learning Aims A, B and C for the Unit 6 Specification.

The Scheme of Work includes a brand new scenario that students can use to practice the coursework requirements for Learning Aim B and C before attempting the Assignment.

The resources include: ​Learning Aim A ​Lessons covering all specification content theory including: • Class tasks covering the purpose and requirements of websites. • Class tasks covering the principles of website design. • Class Tasks on media, objects and the golden ratio. • Class tasks on SEO. • Class tasks on factors affecting website performance. • Offline web archives of the lesson exercise websites. • Consistent use of website examples within the lessons to promote student understanding. • Lots of practice questions with suggested answers.

Learning Aim B Lessons covering all specification content theory including: • How to create a problem definition statement with suggested Answers. • How to design a website to support a given scenario with suggested Answers. • How to review and refine website designs with suggested Answers. • How to create a test plan for the example scenario with suggested answers. • A new scenario with full worked answers is included for students where they can practice their design & documentation skills before attempting the assignment. • Lessons on basic HTML including: • Introduction to HTML • Coding inline Styles • HTML Navigation • Page layout using tables • Page layout using DIVS • Use of multimedia • Simple form operations Each lesson contains numerous worked examples and suggested code solutions.

​Learning Aim C Lessons covering all specification content theory including: • Advanced HTML, CSS and JavaScript features as detailed in the specification. • Numerous class tasks and exercises, with suggested answers, for the use and application of CSS and JavaScript. • A fully worked original and revised solution for the new example scenario. • Answers for carrying out a test plan. • How to optimise a website from testing, feedback and documentation. • How to carry out a website review and evaluation.

Each lesson includes: • A teacher presentation with learning objectives, lesson content and end of lesson review. • A range of class tasks, from worked examples to discussion activities. • Student Worksheets for all class tasks. • Suggested answers for the class tasks to encourage and promote discussion and further learning. • Resource links to relevant websites and videos that can be used in lesson.

Also included is a full outline Scheme of Work for all suggested 35 lessons, which includes: • Learning objectives. • Lesson overview. • Assessment opportunities. • EDI considerations. • Homework suggestions. • A format that can be used for SLT inspections. • Teacher notes on resource content with suggested ideas for unit delivery

These are now ready for purchase in our store!

In the meantime, please take a look at the other resources we have to help you deliver the BTEC IT Curriculum.

Thanks for looking!



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