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T LEVEL Digital Design, Development and Production Content Area 1 Resource Now Available

TheComputingTutor, is proud to present a complete 7 Lesson scheme of work for the T level in Digital Design, Development & Production Exam Core Syllabus Content Area 1 - Problem Solving.

This teaching Scheme of Work is designed to help educators maximize their students' learning potential, and ensure that all key concepts are covered.

The resource has been developed using the formal T Level Pseudocode and Flowcharts with over 30 exercises, class tasks and discussion activities with suggested answers covering Topcs 1 (Computational Thinking) and 2 (Algorithms) from the official specification.

​Sample downloads of the resource and pricing information are available on the Digital T Level Page

More resources for the T Level in Digital, Design & Development will be published in the coming months.

These resources will also shortly be available on



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