A set of teaching resources to help prepare for the 5 hour NEA exam. The resource is designed to follow the NEA format closely, with Part A being 3 hours and part B being 2 hours


The NEA exam usually has around 2 queries, 1 reports and 2 forms. This scenario has a range of questions for you to choose from so you can create an exam tailor made to your learners ability. In addition you will be able to have lots of practice questions before setting a timed 'real run'. These scenarios will then leave the Pearson SAMs and Past Papers available to you as full trial mocks.

Each classroom presentation goes through step by step how each table, report or form field was created with step by step guidance in the teacher notes on how the more complicated calculated fields were created. In addition it uses the Pearson guidance for the number of screenshots required as evidence.

BTEC IT Unit 2 Scenario 1 - The Doctors Surgery