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Here is a complete 7 Lesson scheme of work for the Core Exam Content Area and includes 1 exercises and activities covering the formal T level Pseudocode and Flowchart symbols.

Included in the resources are lessons on:

Computational Thinking - lessons covering all specification content and theory including: • Modularisation. • Generalisation. • Abstraction. • Pattern recognition. Algorithm Design - lessons covering all specification and theory content of: • Designing Algorithms. • Pseudocode. • Flowcharts. • Improving Algorithms. The resource has dozens of differentiated class tasks and student exercises, with suggested answers. A free sample is available to download. Please see the downloads section at the bottom of the page.

Each lesson includes: • A teacher presentation with learning objectives, lesson content and end of lesson review. • A range of class tasks, from worked examples to discussion activities. • Student Worksheets for all class tasks. • Suggested answers for the class tasks to encourage and promote discussion and further learning. • Resource links to relevant websites and videos that can be used in lesson.​




Documents included in the teaching resource sample download include: • A sample of the teacher presentations. • A sample of student worksheets. • A sample of the suggested answers. PLEASE NOTE - these samples are just fragments of the lesson resources. The full version is available after purchase. To view a free sample of all files available for the following resources click on the links below.

See What Other People Think Of Our Resources!

Purchasing the entire suite of unit 4 resources has drastic reduced my workload and improved the learning experience for our students. I can’t recommend enough, Thank you!

Mr. Matthew McDermott, Teacher of ICT, City of Portsmouth College, Hampshire

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