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GCSE Computing is one of the more challenging GCSE's that a student can study.


In addition to the theory and the Boolean mathematics, students are required to learn a programming language and then to carry out an controlled assessment where they are required to develop software solutions to real problems.


From 2021 this is likely to be replaced with an electronic exam where students are required to write a program under timed exam conditions. In addition OCR has introduced their own language - the Exam Reference Language in which most paper 2 questions will be set.

I can provide online tuition support for GCSE computing with the OCR syllabus using Skype, Teams or Zoom  - please see the Online Tutorials page for further details!

​Students will be able to take any resources away with them, subject to copyright of TheComputingTutor

​It is assumed that the exam board will be OCR and that the programming language used is Python, although I can also support VB.NET and C#.

Topics covered may include:

·    Binary Mathematics - including Binary to Hex conversion and simple addition.

·    Sound and Graphics.

·    Simple Boolean algebra and Truth Tables.

·    Computer Architecture and Memory.

·    Legal and Ethical Issues.

·    Communications and Networking.

·    Understanding Flow charts and pseudocode.

·    Creating algorithms to solve problems .

·    ​Algorithms - Linear and Binary Searching, Bubblesort.

·    Programming sequence, selection and iteration.

·    Using variables.

·    Using simple arrays and lists.

As part of the Tutorial programme students can expect:

·    Detailed support in their curriculum.

·    Focused support on revision sessions.

·    Focused past paper question targeted to each student on the areas they are not sure about​​.​

A typical session may involve​:

·    Covering any questions from the student.

·    Identifying common areas of difficulty.

·    Individual activities.

·    Practice past paper questions with access to textbooks.

·    Practice past paper questions under exam conditions.

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