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T Level in Digital Production, Design and Development Support

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The T Level in Digital Production, Design and Development is the new qualification intended to replace the 3 A level BTEC Extended Diploma in both IT and Computing.

This is a brand new qualification and as such, no textbook has yet been published 

(valid August 2022) and very few past paper questions exist.

As part of my work as a technical author, I have written the T Level teaching materials for, and I am completely familiar with the subject material for content areas 1 - 8.

I can also provide detailed specialist Python knowledge for the extra modules that are required for Content Area 2 and the Employer Set Project.

I cannot provide exam preparation yet, simply because there are no past papers, but I can help to reinforce learning, fill in any knowledge gaps and use existing mark schemes to see where students can maximise their marks.


I can also help with:

  • Program design using the T level Pseudocode.

  • Programming using Python.

  • Programming with the specified Python packages Tkinter, NumPy, Pandas, wxPython, TensorFlow and MatPlotLib.

  • Emerging Issues Theory - including Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things.

  • Business Context Theory - including Technical Change Management and Codes of Practice.

  • Understanding Data - including JSON, XML, Data Wrangling, Data Warehousing and the six V's.

  • Digital Environments - including physical, virtual and cloud networks and protocols.

  • Understanding Security - including physical and digital threats and countermeasures.

  • Employer Set Project - including project planning, design, programming and  testing including any required documentation.

 A typical session may involve

  • Covering any questions from the student.

  • Identifying common areas of difficulty.

  • Individual activities.

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