About Me!

Who am I?

My name is Dr Paul Meaney (yep, that is my real name). I come from Lancashire in the North West and I've been living East Berkshire for the last 8 years or so.

I started out as a Biologist...

I studied for my Degree and PhD in Edinburgh, Scotland. It was a fabulous time, although rather cold. I took a job at the MRC Molecular Haematology Unit at the Institute of Molecular Medicine in Oxford, working for Oxford University. After a few years I realised that a career in academic research wasn't for me.

I then was bitten by the programming bug..

I returned to Edinburgh to study for a Masters in Software Technology at Napier University where I graduated with distinction. I returned to Oxford to gain valuable practical experience programming in industry. I spent the next 10 years working as a first a programmer, then a Senior Programmer and finally Technical Architect at a variety of software companies, including Cherwell Scientific, Solarweb, QA Plc and finally  motors.co.uk. in the course of my career, I ended up providing custom software solutions for a range of Clients including DeLaRue Holographics, Lloyds Bank, DeutscheBank, Global Beach and Loughborough University

And then came the calling into teaching...

I decided to move into teaching to follow in my parents footsteps, where I discovered that I had a real knack for it. After training at Wallingford school, I took my first position at Icknield Community college, where I was one of the first teachers in the country to introduce the GCSE in Computing. I also introduced programming in Scratch, Smallbasic and Kodu to Key Stage 3. I also received my first three Outstanding lesson observations.


I moved to the Henley College to teach A level Computing, where I pushed the college to stop teaching Pascal and start teach C# as a language as well as VB.NET. I achieved a 100% pass rate in the five years that I taught there, and most of my students got their best marks in Computer Science out of all of their A levels. I switched to the OCR syllabus in 2016, but then back to AQA in 2017. I picked up two more Outstanding lesson observations, and became one of the Colleges Lead Practitioners, where I would go and help other teachers to improve, as well as the students.

My proudest achievement is that for the last three years of my teaching, all of my A level students have gone on to study a degree in Computer Science at Universities all over the country, from Oxford and Cambridge, To Warwick, Durham and Imperial College London. I became a teacher to inspire students at all ages to take up Computer Science, and to see 100% of my A level students doing just that, well I couldn't ask for anything better!

What am I doing now?

My specialties include providing face to face learning support  in A Level Computer Science, Biology and Level 3 BTEC IT and Engineering for students at The Henley College in Henley-On-Thames as well as providing online support to students all over the country


I also specialise in providing 1:1 GCSE Maths Tuition for students looking to retake their GCSE exams.

I also provide high quality written teaching resources for Schools, Colleges and www.knowitallninja.com, the premier BTEC IT Teaching site in the UK.


I also run HeadStart courses for students who are new to programming, exam revision sessions and all day workshops at The Henley College specifically for A level Computer Science and BTEC Level 3 IT. These courses are also available to students in the Reading area.

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