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The BTEC Unit 8 Applications of Social Media is a Mandatory Unit for the BTEC Computing Foundation Diploma and above Level 3 qualifications 

The Unit 08 Assignments are relatively straightforward, except that there is a lot of content to cover which could get missed.

As part of the BTEC RQF assessment procedures, assessors are not allowed to give students a list of tasks to cover to achieve a grade once the assignment is running. This means that learners can often forget to include key pieces of evidence, or to not provide evidence in the right format. TheComputingTutor is pleased to announce the release of a full set of Assignment resources for the Edexel BTEC IT Unit 8 - Business Applications of Social Media. The resources are entirely focused on helping students include the content required for Assignment 1 and Assignment 2 and are designed to complement the material in the Pearson Textbook. The resources are: - A full set of Student Guide Learning Resources for Assignments 1 and 2. - A Teacher presentation showing your students how to approach each of the Assignments. - A Teacher resource document, with suggested hints and ideas for Unit delivery and how to structure the assignment content as well as group ideas for software programs. - An editable PowerPoint and a printable PDF for each Student Guide. - Separate Student Guides for Pass, Merit and Distinction criteria.

Please note: this is not a theory resource; this resource focuses entirely on how to answer all the Assignment tasks.

Each Student Guide covers all the marking requirements for Pass criteria for Learning Aims A, B and C as well as showing extensive opportunities for where to include Merit and Distinction criteria evidence. The Student Guides are ideal for weaker candidates, or students struggling to organise their work, as it gives a simple, easy to follow checklist of all required Assignment criteria. In addition, the key differences between this and the very similar Unit in the BTEC IT qualification are highlighted. Each Guide has references on every page to where the required content is covered in the 2016 Authorised Pearson textbook as well as continual assessment opportunities so students can identify the areas they are struggling with so you can support them where allowed. You can use these learning resources for individual students who are finding the Assignment procedure challenging, or you can give the Guides to your entire group before they start each Assignment - the choice is yours.  The Student Guides only contain the required Assignment content headings, the actual theory content taught is entirely down to you. You have full control of each PowerPoint, so you can edit the slides and move them around to suit your teaching and the needs of your classroom. These resources will help your learners to know exactly what they have to do to independently achieve their grades.

Purchase Information.

The cost for the Learning Resources is £125. 

If you have any questions about purchasing our resources, please take a look at our Purchasing FAQ.



The Assignment resource consists of the following 10 separate documents: - 3x Teaching Presentations, 1 each for Learning Aims A, B and C. - 3x Student Guides, 1 each for Learning Aims A, B and C. - 1x Teacher Notes on Unit delivery. - 2x Student Checklists for Learning Aim A and Learning Aim B & C. The full version will be available after purchase. A preview version is available for download.

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