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TheComputingTutor “took time to listen to our requirements, sending samples to allow us to make an informed  decision. The communication has been excellent and a seamless process to obtain the resources.”

Mr. Andy Nicholson, Head of Digital Technologies, Newcastle College, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

Unit 2
unit 2

"I was spending a significant amount of time preparing the resources for this unit as I teach for the first time. I decided to go ahead and obtain this resource.


I can clearly say that I have made the best choice: I use my time and efforts more productively and teach my students more effectively. In addition, these resources help self-isolating students to learn remotely and efficiently.

Other resources I found online covered theory in a quiz format, whereas this resource has practical tasks directly linking the specification and the exam tasks. Every task has been clearly explained with evidence, preparing students to gain a merit/distinction.

A wise investment indeed!  ".

Ms. Josephine Kulandairaj, Teacher of IT, Brimsham Green School, South Gloucestershire

Unit 3
unit 3

""The resources are well laid out and easy to follow, they provide the students additional work to go through in preparation for important assessments"

Mr. Andy Nicholson, Head of Digital Technologies, Newcastle College, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

Unit 4
unit 4

"The resources are clear with well commented guidance for completion of learning objectives. The checklists

for each of the learning objectives are clearly structured and help with student completion.

The example solution is well commented throughout with a solid understanding and suggestions of where

alternatives coding methods could be used to help with the programming project which in turn has

strengthened my teaching of the module."

Mr. Andy Nicholson, Head of Digital Technologies, Newcastle College, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

Unit 5
unit 5

"The resources for Unit 5 Data Modelling are excellent and are really saving me a lot of time particularly with the current climate.  I have a much larger group this year with varying degrees of ability and to rewrite and update my current resources would have been time consuming.  


The resources have helped to differentiate the class and their learning abilities whilst at the same time encouraging students to work independently, as well as stretching and challenging them.


The resources are easy for my students to understand and navigate as well as being clearly signposted to

the specification.  The handy references to the textbook is encouraging those students, who might not have, to read and reread the handbook associated with this unit.


Well worth the money!!"

Mrs. J Martin-Johnson, Teacher of Business and IT, The Thomas Tallis School, London

Unit 6
unit 6

"I found these resources helpful, Very Good resource! PowerPoints, pdfs and exemplar websites included for teachers"


Ms Teresa Carr, Level 3 Co-Ordinator IT, Southern Regional College, Armagh

Unit 9

"I recently purchased the Unit 9: Project Management resources to use with my class. This was the first time teaching this unit and I was really stuck with where to start.


The resources were so helpful and saved me hours of planning, they included a full SOW and there were presentations organised lesson by lesson.


I was struggling to find appropriate case studies for each of the methods which are required for the first assignment, but there were many included to choose from.


I liked the fact there are resources for both the teacher and the student! 

These were foolproof to follow and to be honest I’m not sure what I would have done without them! Thank you!"

Ms Marie Vaux, Curriculum Lead & Teacher of ICT, Portsmouth College

unit 9
Unit 11
unit 11

"I taught this Unit successfully for the first time this year using  these excellent resources to prepare my students for their external examinations.


TheComputingTutor Unit 11 resources really helped my students develop a structured approach to answering the activities.


A full mock exam in December really put his approach to the test and I got very positive feedback from the students.


When the results came through for the January exam I was very please for the students with a near 100% pass rate (one near-pass). I really recommend these resources."

          Mr Alan Sinclair-Brown, Computing and Business Lecturer, Brooklands College, Surrey

Unit 14

"Students find this unit really dull and dry and they often struggle to get to grips with terminology. TheComputingTutor' s approach is to apply more prosaic examples to IT Service Delivery.


By the end of the unit both my student and I not only understood IT Service Delivery but with these resources to help we achieved 100% pass rate in January external exams."


                Mr Alan Sinclair-Brown, Computing and Business Lecturer, Brooklands College, Surrey

unit 14
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