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"These resources have proven invaluable "

Ms Laura Nevin, Head of Computing and IT, Worcester Sixth Form College

The BTEC IT Unit 11 Cyber Security and Incident management is one of the mandatory units for the Level 3 Diploma & Extended Diploma.

Pearson has confirmed that there will be no textbook published to cover this unit.

​Here is a set of set of Exam Resources for the Controlled Assessment. The resources are based on: • "Emma's Paintballing Empire" Sample Assessment Material​ • "Bens Brilliant Billboards" January 2020 Exam • COMING SOON - "Critically Endangered" June 2019 Exam The resources include: • 11.1 - Assignment Overview - an introduction to the unit with class tasks based on a simple worked example • 11.2 - The Scenario - Lessons and class tasks showing how to break down the scenario • 11.3 - Activity A1 - Lessons and class tasks about how to identify threats and use the risk matrix • 11.4 - Activity A2 -  Lessons and class tasks on how to identify countermeasures to the identified threats • 11.5 - Activity A3 - Lessons and class tasks on how to create the management report • 11.6 - Activity B1 - Lessons and class tasks on how to use the supplied evidence to determine the nature of the Cyber Incident. • 11.7 - Activity B2 - Lessons and class tasks on how to review the Incident Management Policy • A detailed OFSTED-friendly Glossary of Terms covering most of the technical terminology from the Specification

Each Activity is broken down into a set of presentations, worksheets and model answers which will give learners a simple way of tackling the controlled assessment. 

Included in the pack are: • A complete framework to guide learners in what is required for each topic in Parts A and B. • Teaching presentations containing lessons content, activities and suggested timings. • Class tasks and associated worksheets. • Discussion points. • Activity templates. • A full set of worked examples covering the Approved Assessment Material.

Please note: this resource focuses entirely on how to answer all the activities in the Non Examined Assessment and consists of 11 documents. This will assume that candidates already know the theory, resources for which can be found on

"I would highly recommend these and think it is money well spent!"


               Mr Abdul Halim, Senior Lecturer & RedTech Lead, New City College, London


The documents included in the sample downloads include fragments of the following documents: • 11.1 - Introduction • Teachers Presentation with theory and classroom activities • Class Activity - Protection Measures Suggested Answers • Class Activity - Risk Assessment Suggested Answers • 11.2 - The Scenario • Teachers Presentation with theory and classroom activities • Class Task - Suggested Answers • 11.3 - Part A Activity 1 • Risk Assessment • Teachers Presentation with theory and classroom activities • Classroom Activity Suggested Answers • Scenario Risk Assessment Suggested Answers • 11.4 - Part B Activity 2  • Security Plan Teachers Presentation with theory and classroom activities​ • Class Activity Protection Measures suggested answers • Security Plan worked example ​The complete versions of these documents, along with activities 3,4 and 5 will be available on purchase of the full version.


See What People Think Of Our Resources!

"I taught this Unit successfully for the first time this year using  these excellent resources to prepare my students for their external examinations. I got very positive feedback from the students. When the results came through for the January exam I was very pleased for the students with a near 100% pass rate (one near-pass). I really recommend these resources."

 Mr Alan Sinclair-Brown, Computing and Business Lecturer, Brooklands College, Surrey

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