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How is this Tutorial Service Different?

Working With the Classroom Teacher At Henley

For Henley College students, the unique service offered by The Computing Tutor means that before we have our first session, I will have spoken with all your classroom tutors and identified the areas they feel you need help with. This might tie in with the help you want, but together we can provide the best overall picture of the support you need to help you to succeed. In addition, using the Henley College Teams means we can use your resources, homework and assignments to help support your in lesson learning, making sure that all Assignments topics are covered for BTEC. For A level and GCSE Maths I can help with your homework, your in lesson topics as well as the specific requirements of your Computer Science Project. Finally, as part of the service for each tutorial session, I will design an individually tailored plan for what to do next in class and I will feed this back to your classroom Tutor as well as your parent/ guardian. This way you, me and your Teacher are all working together to ensure you maximise the opportunities available to you to achieve the best results. Online tutoring will take place using Skype or Teams - whichever you prefer. Online tutoring uses a virtual shared whiteboard where students and the tutor can collaborate and work together to solve problems and understand the curriculum topics!

Safety and Security for Everyone

Most private tutoring takes place at someone else's home after school hours. It is not guaranteed that the tutor will have undergone basic Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Checks. I am subject to the safeguarding policies of The Henley College. This means that I am fully DBS  checked and vetted and I am required to keep this up to date every two years. I have registered with the DBS renewal service, so my DBS certificate is automatically updated. ​Online tutoring will take place at a time of your choosing for safety.

Individualized, Customized ​Learning Plans

My ten years experience at all stages in the classroom has given me a range of experiences and strategies to help students succeed. Whether it is preparing a student to apply for Oxford, Cambridge or MIT, or simply trying to get to grips with the some of the fundamental principles of Mathematics or Computer Science, I will tailor a learning plan for your son or daughter to help them succeed. As part of this, feedback to the parent or guardian on progress is absolutely vital. As part of this unique service, I will feed back to you on progress made after each tutoring session, any strenghts or weaknesses that have been identified and recommendations for next steps either with the school, college or with myself.

Different Students Require Different Approaches to Learning

As a classroom teacher of 10 years experience at Key Stage 3, 4 and 5, I have dealt with all manner of students with individual, personalised learning requirements. No two students are the same, and I have tried to tailor all of my lessons to the same two key principles: namely that "Every Child Matters" and that "No-one gets left behind"

Exam Preparation Techniques

Whether we like it or not, University fees are here to stay. With that in mind, the grades achieved at A level can make all the difference in getting into the best Universities. I have a proven track record in preparing students to get the best possible marks in their Computer Science AS and A2 exams, with detailed focus on exam technique, exam timings, keyword answers and personalised learning focused towards the AQA and OCR Exam board requirements. In addition I can help with the new Examined and Externally assessed Units in the new BTEC Extended Diploma in IT. I can also assist with technical help and Assignment preparation for all of the coursework based units covered in the qualification. For Maths, I am 100% focused on exam technique and exam preparation, as it is my focus to get you to pass the exam as quickly as possible so that you can focus on doing well at your chosen course.

Proven Success - 100% Teacher Pass rate at A Level for OCR and AQA

Picking the Computing Tutor to support your son or daughter's learning at College means you are accessing a wealth of knowledge and a proven track record in helping students to unlock their potential and achieve better grades than they are predicted! At the Henley College I inspired my students to achieve a 100% pass rate in the five years I taught A level, as well as helping students to get some of their best grades across all their subjects. I also successfully taught many units at Level 2 and Level 3 BTEC IT, helping students achieve Distinction grades.

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