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unit 6 resources
"It makes a teacher’s job easier, and I would highly recommend it."
                   Mr Donald Smith, Head of IT, Greenford High School, London   

The BTEC IT Level 3 Unit 6 Website Development is an optional unit for the Foundation Diploma and higher.

scheme of work

The BTEC IT Unit 6 Website Development is an optional unit for all certification levels from the Extended Certificate upwards Here is a complete 35 Lesson scheme of work for the BTEC IT Unit 6 Website Development. The resource has been developed with a primary focus on using Notepad++ for the HTML, CSS and JavaScript with over 70 exercises, class tasks, discussion and research activities with suggested answers covering Learning Aims A, B and C for the Unit 6 Specification. The Scheme of Work includes a brand new scenario that students can use to practice the coursework requirements for Learning Aim B and C before attempting the Assignment.

The resources include: ​Learning Aim A ​ • lessons covering all specification content theory including: • Class tasks covering the purpose and requirements of websites. • Class tasks covering the principles of website design. • Class Tasks on media, obejcts and the golden ratio. • Class tasks on SEO. • Class tasks on factors affecting website performance. • Offline web archives of the lesson exercise websites. • Consistent use of website examples within the lessons to promote student understanding. • Lots of practice questions with suggested answers. Learning Aim B Lessons covering all specification content theory including: • How to create a problem definition statement with suggested Answers. • How to design a website to support a given scenario with suggested Answers. • How to review and refine website designs with suggested Answers. • How to create a test plan for the example scenario with suggested answers. • A new scenario with full worked answers is included for students where they can practice their design & documentation skills before attempting the assignment. • Lessons on basic HTML including: • Introduction to HTML • Coding inline Styles • HTML Navigation • Page layout using tables • Page layout using DIVS • Use of multimedia • Simple form operations Each lesson contains numerous worked examples and suggested code solutions ​Learning Aim C Lessons covering all specification content theory including: • Advanced HTML, CSS and JavaScript features as detailed in the specification. • Numerous class tasks and exercises, with suggested answers, for the use and application of CSS and JavaScript. • A fully worked original and revised solution for the new example scenario. • Answers for carrying out a test plan. • How to optimise a website from testing, feedback and documentation. • How to carry out a website review and evaluation.

Each lesson includes: • A teacher presentation with learning objectives, lesson content and end of lesson review. • A range of class tasks, from worked examples to discussion activities. • Student Worksheets for all class tasks. • Suggested answers for the class tasks to encourage and promote discussion and further learning. • Resource links to relevant websites and videos that can be used in lesson.

Also included is a full outline Scheme of Work for all suggested 35 lessons, which includes: • Learning objectives. • Lesson overview. • Assessment opportunities. • EDI considerations. • Homework suggestions. • A format that can be used for SLT inspections. • Teacher notes on resource content with suggested ideas for unit delivery

exemplar solution

TheComputingTutor is pleased to announce the release of a full worked model Answer for the BTEC IT Unit 6 Website Development Assignment 2. This is a full worked answer for "The Web Development Company" Pearson AAB, including 7 linked HTML pages, extensive use of CSS for styling and layout, embedded digital assets, Forms, Tables, text fields, radio buttons, Javascript validation, event handling, browser detection, alerts, dynamic DOM manipulation and file linking.  The solution has been tested on Chrome and IE browsers and the HTML is W3C validated. In addition there is a Teacher Guide showing how the site is put together, that includes a wireframe and site layout. You will have full access to the CSS and the HTML and JavaScript source code  so you can see how it works and then use this to help guide your students.

assignment resources

The Unit 06 Assignments are relatively straightforward, except that there is an unusual amount of content to cover which could get missed. As part of the RQF BTEC assessment procedures, assessors are not allowed to give students a list of tasks to cover to achieve a grade once the assignment is running. This means that learners can often forget to include key pieces of evidence, or to not provide evidence in the right format. TheComputingTutor is pleased to announce the release of a full set of Assignment resources for the Edexel BTEC IT UNIT 6 - Website Development. The resources are: • A full set of Student Guide Resources for covering Assignment 1 and 2. • A Teacher presentation showing your students how to approach each of the Assignments. • A Teacher resource document, with suggested hints and ideas for Unit delivery and how to structure the assignment content. • An editable PowerPoint and a printable PDF for each Student Guide. • Separate Student Guides for Pass, Merit and Distinction criteria. • A tracking sheet for your students to monitor their own progress based on COMPLETE, IN PROGRESS and NOT STARTED for all tasks.

Please note: this is not a theory resource; this resource focuses entirely on how to answer all the Assignment tasks.

Each Student Guide covers all the marking requirements for Pass criteria for Learning Aims A, B and C as well as showing extensive opportunities for where to include Merit and Distinction criteria evidence. The Student Guides are ideal for weaker candidates, or students struggling to organise their work, as it gives a simple, easy to follow checklist of all required Assignment criteria.​ Each guide has references on every page to where the required content is covered in the 2016 Authorised Pearson textbook as well as continual assessment opportunities so students can identify the areas they are struggling with so you can support them where allowed.​ You can use these Assignment resources for individual students who are finding the Assignment procedure challenging, or you can give the Guides to your entire group before they start each Assignment - the choice is yours.  The Student Guides only contain the required Assignment content headings, the actual theory content taught is entirely down to you. You have full control of each PowerPoint, so you can edit the slides and move them around to suit your teaching and the needs of your classroom. These resources will help your learners to know exactly what they have to do to independently achieve their grades.



Documents included in the teaching resource sample download include: • 3x Teaching presentations, 1 each for Learning Aims A, B and C. • 3x Students Guides, 1 each for Learning Aims A, B and C as an editable powerpoint. • 3x Students Guides, 1 each for Learning Aims A, B and C as a read only PDF. • 2x Student Checklists for Learning Aim A and Learning Aim B&C. • 1x Student Tracking Document. • 1x Teacher Notes with ideas and information about Unit Delivery. In addition, documents in the Exemplar sample include: • 1x Technical Information about the Code Solution. • HTML, Images and CSS. There is no Javascript in the sample. To view a free sample of all files available for the following resources click on the links below

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