GCSE Mathematics 1:1 Pesonalised Tuition

GCSE Mathematics Foundation Programme - 1:1 Personalised Tuition

Obtaining a pass level at GCSE mathematics is now more important than ever. Employers, Apprenticeships and Universities are looking for students leaving College with a proven basic level of numeracy. In addition, the UK Government 16  -19 Education Policy now means that all students are required to leave College with a pass at GCSE Maths, and if not then they must be studying towards it.


This means that you are required to attend two lessons of Maths each week until you pass the subject. That's two lessons a week that you could spend working towards your Level 2 or Level 3 BTEC or your A Level.

I can provide 1:1 tuition support for students who have not achieved a Grade 4 in GCSE Mathematics. I will work with your teacher at The Henley College to support your lessons and help you to pass this exam as quickly as possible Support is available to work with your two lessons per week at the Henley College on your Foundation retake in Maths with the EDEXCEL Exam board

Topics Covered include:

  • algebra and algebraic expressions

  • Graphs and functions

  • linear and quadratic equations

  • geometry and trigonometry

  • probability

  • statistics and statistical methods

In addition I can provide a personalised programme of study that fits in with your current BTEC choices at The Henley College. I can also provide exam preparation and revision tips, techniques and strategies to help you prepare for your resit.

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