A full set of Assignment resources for the Edexel BTEC IT UNIT 4. The resources are:

  • A full set of  PowerPoint Student Guides for Assignment 1 and Assignment 2 as editable PowerPoint slides.

  • A teacher resource document, with suggested hints and ideas of how to structure the assignment content as well as group ideas for software programs

  • A checklist for your students so they can make sure they have covered all required content for Pass, Merit and Distinction criteria.

  • A teacher presentation document showing your students how to approach the assignment.

  • Two sets of assessment guideshave been included - as powerpoints and as read only PDFs 


Each Guide covers all the marking requirements for Pass criteria for Assignments 1 and 2 as well as extensive opportunities for for Merit and Distinction criteria evidence. The Student Guides are ideal for weaker candidates, or students struggling to organise their work, as it gives a simple, easy to follow checklist of all required Assignment criteria for them to follow while they are carrying out their assignment.

BTEC IT Unit 4 Assignment Resources