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BTEC IT Unit 6 Exemplar Website

A full worked model Answer for the BTEC IT Unit 6 Website Development Assignment 2.


This is a full worked answer for "The Web Development Company", including 7 linked HTML pages, extensive use of CSS for styling and layout, embedded digital assets, Forms, Tables, text fields, radio buttons, Javascript validation, event handling, browser detection, alerts, dynamic DOM manipulation and file linking. 

The solution has been tested on Chrome and IE browsers and the HTML is W3C validated.


In addition there is a Teacher Guide showing how the site is put together, that includes a wireframe and site layout.


You will have full access to the CSS and the HTML and JavaScript source code  so you can see how it works and then use this to help guide your students.

BTEC IT Unit 6 Exemplar Website

  • "I found the unit 6 Website Development material to be extremely helpful. Overall, it makes a teacher’s job easier, and I would highly recommend it."

    ​Mr Donald Smith, Head of IT, Greenford High School, London



    "Teachers were able to manage the Assignment completion and build of the website and files neededto achieve the Unit 6 Assignment criteria for Learning Aim B and Learning Aim C to the achieve the highest criteria and ensure students achieved the top grades!"


    ​Ms Pamela Hearsum, Head of Subject IT & Computer Science, Peter Symonds College, Hampshire

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