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A level Computer Science Project Marking

A Level Project Marking for OCR and AQA NEA

OFQUAL has declared that the way marking for NEA components on the new Linear A levels has changed.

Prior to 2018 all marking appeals were dealt with by the Examining Body. This meant that a centre should mark work, submit results and coursework to the Examining body who would moderate the marking. Should any appeal be launched by a parent, centre or student, it was up to the examining body to appoint an independent examiner.

From 2018 all appeals now need to be handled by every Centre. This means that as a school or college, you need to have the NEA submitted in late March/ early April, get it marked and get the results to the students. The students can then appeal.

It is therefore up to the Centre to appoint an independent moderator, get the coursework to them, allow time for the work to be re-examined, a marking report written and the coursework returned back to you, so you can get the work to the Examining Body by their May deadline.

As an experienced teacher of both the OCR and AQA Syllabus, I have had excellent feedback from both Examining Bodies in that they have agreed with my standards of marking. I am available to act as an independent moderator for you should the need arise in the case of Appeal.

The cost for each marked appeal is £250 per script. This will allow for:

  • reading and marking the NEA submission in accordance with the relevant guidelines

  • providing a written report justifying any mark awarded/ complexity level allocated.

  • returning the scripts to you by express, secure courier.

Please email me at thecomputingtutor if you have any further questions

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