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BTEC IT Unit 9 Assignment Resources

A full set of Learning Resources for the Pearson BTEC IT UNIT 9 Project Managment. The resources include:

  • A full set of Student Guide Learning Resources for Learning Aims A, B, C and D

  • A Teacher presentation showing your students how to approach each of the Learning Aims

  • An editable PowerPoint and a printable PDF for each Student Guide

  • Seperate Student Guides for Pass, Merit and Distinction criteria

  • Case studies for the RAD, Prince2, Waterfall and Agile Methodologies

Also included are a set of teacher notes which include:

  • Suggestions and ideas on Unit delivery

  • Ideas for the practical unit as well as alternate solutions​

  • Suggestions for accessing the Merit and Distinction criteria

  • A map of the documentation produced by other units that can be reused in Unit 9, to minimise duplication

Each Student Guide covers all the marking requirements for Pass criteria for Learning Aims A, B, C and D as well as showing extensive opportunities for where to include Merit and Distinction criteria evidence. The Student Guides are ideal for weaker candidates, or students struggling to organise their work, as it gives a simple, easy to follow checklist of all required Assignment criteria. 

In addition, there are a set of real world case studies included for the different project management methodologies required for Learning Aim A.

BTEC IT Unit 9 Assignment Resources

  • This is a standard .ZIP archive

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