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BTEC IT Unit 9 Project Management Complete Scheme Of Work

A complete 18 lesson scheme of work covering Learning Aims A, B, C and D for the Unit 9 Specification. The Scheme of Work includes a brand new scenario that students can use to practice the coursework for Learning Aim B and C before managing the unit. The resources include:

  • Learning Aim A

    • Lessons covering all course content

    • Lessons for each of the project methodologies - RAD, PRINCE2, Waterfall and Agile

    • Class tasks, discussion activities and worked examples

  • Learning Aim B

    • Lessons covering all course content

    • A new scenario for students where they can idenitfy resources, tasks, risks, issues and constraints

    • How to identify alternate solutions with design documentation sample answers

    • Tasks on carrying out a full Feasibility Study

    • Identifying and Creating project requirements.

  • Learning Aim C

    • Lessons covering all course content

    • A full worked example on creating Gantt Charts in Excel

    • Modifying project plans based on timesheet data

    • Creating and identifying Resource plans

    • Creating and identifying Critical Path and Contingencies

    • Creating different Management Processes

  • learning Aim D

    • Lessons covering all course content

    • How to review project skills and behaviours

    • Class tasks on indetifying improvements and how to manage a project effectively

  • Each lesson includes:

    • A teacher presentation with learning objectives, lesson content and end of lesson review

    • A range of class tasks, from worked examples to discussion activities

    • Suggested answers for the class tasks to encourage and promote discussion and further learning

    • Resource links to relevant websites and videos that can be used in lesson 

  • Also included is a full outline Scheme of Work for all suggested 21 lessons, which includes:

    • Learning objectvies

    • Lesson overview

    • Assessment opportunities

    • EDI considerations

    • Homework

    • A format that can be used for SLT inspections.


BTEC IT Unit 9 Project Management Complete Scheme Of Work

  • This is a standard .ZIP archive

  • "The resources were so helpful and saved me hours of planning, they included a full SOW and there were presentations organised lesson by lesson.

    I was struggling to find appropriate case studies for each of the methods which are required for the first assignment, but there were many included to choose from.

    These were foolproof to follow and to be honest I’m not sure what I would have done without them! Thank you!"

    ​Ms Marie Vaux, Curriculum Lead & Teacher of ICT, Portsmouth College



    "This is a large unit with indepth coverage of IT Project Planning and Management, the scheme ofwork covers the entire unit and allowed teachers to plan discrete activities and material to support the lessons included in this excellent resource!"


    ​Ms Pamela Hearsum, Head of Subject IT & Computer Science, Peter Symonds College, Hampshire


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