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BTEC Unit 11 Resource Bundle - "Emma's Paintball" & "Brilliant Billboards"

A resource bundle containing the full exam resources for


  • "Emma's Paintballing Empire" Sample Assessment Material
  • "Brilliant Billboards" January 2020 Exam


Please see individual product pages for further details:

Emma's Paintballing Empire Product Page

Brilliant Billboards Product Page

BTEC Unit 11 Resource Bundle - "Emma's Paintball" & "Brilliant Billboards"

  • This is not a theory resource.

    This resource focuses entirely on how to answer all the activities in the Non Examined Assessment and consists of 11 documents. This will assume that candidates already know the theory, resources for which can be found on

  • "We went ahead and ordered the full pack and I must say we were not disappointed. These resources are excellent and are very true to the exam. 

    We already have a subscription to the KnowitallNinja platform but TheComputingTutor resources are in my opinion better suited for the students to prepare for the exam.

    We consider these resources integral to our delivery and looking forward to the updated one! Thank you for these excellent resources. I would highly recommend these and think it is money well spent!"

    ​Mr Abdul Halim, Senior Lecturer & RedTech Lead, New City College, London



    "These resources were very well organised, they covered the parts of the Unit 11 which then gave new teachers a framework to build on. Excellent value for money and a fantastic starting pointfor staff!"


    ​Ms Pamela Hearsum, Head of Subject IT & Computer Science, Peter Symonds College, Hampshire

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