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Unit 2 Part A Teaching Resource 2 - Queries, Reports, Testing & Evaluation

TheComputingTutor, is proud to present the second part of a complete Teaching Scheme of Work for IT Unit 2 - Creating Systems to Manage Information.


The resource has been developed with a focus on using Microsoft Access 2019 with over 80 exercises, class tasks, discussion and research activities with suggested answers covering the second part of the Exam Part A - Queries, Reports, Testing & Evaluation.


The Query part of the resource includes lessons on:

  • Creating queries using the Query Designer.
  • Creating simple, single table queries.
  • Using query aggregate functions - SUM, MIN, MAX, COUNT AVG.
  • Creating complex, multi-table join queries.
  • Creating parameter based queries.
  • Using GROUP BY and WHERE in a query.
  • Creating calculated fields in a query.
  • Using logical statements in a query.
  • Using LEN(), DateDiff() and IIF() functions.
  • Using Nested IIF() Functions.


The remainder of the resource includes lessons on:

  • Creating simple reports from Queries.
  • Creating complex reports including row level calculated fields.
  • Domain Aggregate functions, including DSUM, DCOUNT, DMIN, DMAX and DLOOKUP.
  • Using aggregate functions in report footers.
  • Using logical statements in a calculated field.
  • How to select and use test data.
  • How to complete the test plans.
  • How to complete an evaluation with a focus on minimising data duplication.
  • How to complete a test plan with a focus on functionality.


The Scheme of Work includes two brand-new exam style scenarios that students can use to practice on, all included with full worked examples and in-lesson sample databses.


In addition, sample question and answer databases are provided for each activity right the way through each resource, so if any students miss a lesson, they can use these ready made databases to revise and catch up on any missed progress.


The two practice scenarios will be used consistently through each of the other learning resources.


  • Each lesson includes:

    • A teacher presentation with learning objectives, lesson content and end of lesson review

    • A range of class tasks, from worked examples to discussion activities

    • Student Worksheets for all class tasks

    • Suggested answers for the class tasks to encourage and promote discussion and further learning

    • Resource links to relevant websites and videos that can be used in lesson

    • Lots of exam tips and hints on how to score high marks.

    • Easy to use how-to videos on creating queries and reports


Unit 2 Part A Teaching Resource 2 - Queries, Reports, Testing & Evaluation


    "The Unit 2 Creating Systems to Manage Information has helped me a lot to teach RDBMS to the BTEC Level 3 students. The resources clearly explain each of the Learning Aims giving clear examples and instructions.

    I would highly recommend this resource for teaching Databases."

    Mr Damian Glyn, Lecturer in IT, North Shropshire College, Shropshire

  • This teaching resource has been designed specifically for the 5 hour exam format that was introduced in 2019. Some of the required content in the original specification has not been included. The exam board requires that this non-examined content still be delivered.

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