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BTEC IT Unit 6 Assignment Resources

TheComputingTutor is pleased to announce the release of a full set of Assignment resources for the Edexel BTEC IT UNIT 6 - Website Development. The resources are:

  • A full set of Student Guide Learning Resources for Learning Aims A, B and C

  • A Teacher presentation showing your students how to approach each of the Learning Aims

  • A Teacher resource document, with suggested hints and ideas for Unit delivery and how to structure the assignment content as well as group ideas for software programs

  • An editable PowerPoint and a printable PDF for each Student Guide

  • Seperate Student Guides for Pass, Merit and Distinction criteria

  • A tracking sheet for your students to monitor their own progress based on COMPLETE, IN PROGRESS and NOT STARTED for all tasks

Each Student Guide covers all the marking requirements for Pass criteria for Learning Aims A, B and C as well as showing extensive opportunities for where to include Merit and Distinction criteria evidence. The Student Guides are ideal for weaker candidates, or students struggling to organise their work, as it gives a simple, easy to follow checklist of all required Assignment criteria.

BTEC IT Unit 6 Assignment Resources

  • This is not a theory resource.

    This resource focuses entirely on how to answer all the Assignment tasks. The Student Guides only contain the required Assignment content headings, the actual theory content taught is entirely down to you.

  • "I found the unit 6 Website Development material to be extremely helpful. Overall, it makes a teacher’s job easier, and I would highly recommend it."

    ​Mr Donald Smith, Head of IT, Greenford High School, London



    "A time saver and very detailed, this saved time and sanity in ensuring that the required learning aims and topics were included and covered to the depth required by the examination board, thus ensuring that students were supported to achieve the highest grading criteria."


    ​Ms Pamela Hearsum, Head of Subject IT & Computer Science, Peter Symonds College, Hampshire

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