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BTEC IT Unit 9 Project Management Resources Now Available!

The BTEC IT Unit 9 Project Management Unit is one of the last of the mandatory units for both the Diploma and the Extended Diploma.

Learning Aim A requires students to discuss three out of the four Project Management Methodologies (from RAD, Prince2, Waterfall and AGILE) and to access the higher marks, look at how these have been applied in real world case studies.

Learning Aim B requires students to initiate a project, by scoping out a Project Initiation Document, produce initial requirements and generate a Project Plan.

learning Aim C requires students to monitor and track a project, dealing issues and risks and making sure the project stays on track.

learning Aim D requires students to review how the management of the project went and identify how the project could have been managed better.

This is one of the more challenging units, as it requires students to manage either themselves creating a project in another unit or managing another student. In addition, it requires a lot of theory to be taught, and Pearson have confirmed that there is no Textbook to be published covering the required content.

TheComputingTutor is proud to announce a full Teaching Resource scheme of work covering all required theory for Learning Aims A, B, C and D. The scheme of work contains teacher presentations, case studies, discussion activities and practical problems covering all theory. In addition, it provides a full lesson plan for the 18 lessons required to deliver the content.

Gantt Chart planning is delivered through Excel, the reason being that it is ideal for remote learning as well as not requiring extra subscriptions to Project Management software such as MS Project.

In addition, there is a set of our popular Assignment Resources available which are student guides covering the required content for all assignments, sample templates for the documentation and crucially - example case studies for the various methodologies required for Learning Aim A.

For more information, including pricing and purchasing, please look at



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