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Coming Soon! A Complete Scheme of Work for BTEC IT Unit 4 Programming

Coming soon! A complete scheme of work for BTEC IT Unit 4 Programming.

This unit is a tricky one. Student not only need to learn a new language, but they need to see how other languages behave. This means you need code samples in other languages as well as programs for students to study. And that's just for Learning Aim A.

TheComputingTutor is currently working on a full scheme of work for this mandatory unit. Along the lines of our popular Unit 9 Project Management unit.

You’ll have a choice of a scheme of work written in a primary language - C#, VB . NET AND Python.

In addition you'll also get:

  • 2 x 1000 line programs, with notes, for your students to analyse for Learning Aim A.

  • One of those programs will be written in your Primary Language, another will be in a Secondary Language.

  • For example, the C# Scheme of Work will include a 1000 line C# program and a 1000 line Python program.

  • Each program will have detailed notes and screenshots to shown what the program is doing.

In addition, for each scheme of work, you will have code samples of language constructs in all three languages.

The Scheme of Work content includes:

  • Teacher presentations

  • Student activities, worksheets and answers

  • A full worked example program, with answers, for learning aims B and C.

These will be ready for September 2021, so keep checking back!



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