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NEW ARRIVALS -Unit 2 and Unit 11 resources now available!

TheComputingTutor is proud to announce two new products to our line-up!

Unit 2 Scenario 4 - The Vehicle Rental Company

A brand new scenario that is based around the January 2022 exam paper. This scenario assumes a composite primary key is needed for the main junction table.

Unlike other walk-through resources, this resource has lots of practice questions, with answers, differentiated for learners at all levels, so you have plenty of in lesson tasks for your students.

The resource has over 12 differentiated queries, 4 differentiated reports, and 4 differentiated forms for your students to practice on, or for you to set as homework, all with suggested answers and a detailed how-to guide.

The resource also includes new presentation slides with suggestions about how to tackle the evaluations in both parts A and B - which are worth 12 marks.

Unit 11 - "Brilliant Billboards"

A brand - new resource based around the January 2022 paper "Brilliant Billboards"

The resource breaks down the Controlled Assessment Activities into a series of manageable lesson tasks, with detailed answers for each task, so that you can guide and support your students to put the correct information into each section.

Also included is a detailed, 40 page glossary of technical terms, with links to real world information for further reading, just what OFSTED like to see!

Thanks for looking!




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