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New Arrival! A new set of Unit 2 Resources based on the January 2022 Paper

The January 2022 Unit 2 paper for the BTEC IT syllabus was, quite rightly, regarded as being incredibly challenging by student and teachers.

For the first time, the solution did not have primary keys for all tables, rather it used a 3 table solution with a composite key for the main junction table.

This had never been seen before, in any past paper or sample Assessment Material. This threw many teachers as well as students.

In response to this, TheComputingTutor is proud to announce a new set of our popular Unit 2 resources that will be based around a composite key mapping table. In addition to providing numerous activities around queries, reports and forms, this will give your learners a chance to practice their normalisation skills.

UPDATE: this resource is now available. Please click here:



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