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T LEVEL Digital Design, Development and Production Content Area 2 Resource Now Available

TheComputingTutor is proud to present a complete 33 Lesson Teaching Scheme of Work Resource for the T level in Digital Design, Development & Production Core Component Content Area 2 - Introduction To Programming.

The resource has been developed using the formal T Level Pseudocode and Flowcharts and Python 3.10, and has been optimised for Visual Studio Community edition. The resource contains over 145 differentiated exercises, class tasks and discussion activities with suggested answers covering all topics from the official specification.

The Teaching Scheme of Work Resource contains 18 lesson folders covering the entire specification, along with suggestions on lesson delivery and notes on how the scheme of work was designed.

Each lesson resource contains:

  • A teacher presentation with learning objectives, theory content, animations, videos, and end of lesson review

  • A range of class tasks, from worked examples to discussion activities

  • Student Worksheets for all class tasks

  • Continual reference to the official T Level Pseudocode

  • Suggested answers for the class tasks to encourage and promote discussion and further learning

  • Resource links to relevant websites and videos that can be used in lesson

There is also a staff resource that contains:

  • An SLT ready 33 lesson scheme of work (30 Lessons + 3 contingency) that is ready to be loaded onto an LMS platform

  • FS /EDI /IL considerations

  • Full raw python source code for all class exercises

  • Complete mapping of the specification content to each lesson, so you can be sure you are covering all the T level theory

More information, including sample downloads and costs can be found on my site. Please note that these are paid for resources. Thanks.



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