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NEW ARRIVAL! A new set of Unit 14 Teaching Resources based on the 2019 exam 'Cinnamon Agricultural'

The BTEC IT Unit 14 IT Service Delivery is one of the mandatory unit for the Level 3 Extended Diploma.

Pearson has confirmed that there will be no textbook published to cover this unit.

TheComputingTutor is proud to present a complete framework for the Controlled Assessment based on the 2019 exam 'Cinnamon Agricultural' and contains lessons on the following:

  • How to approach Part A - The Research Task.

  • How to answer Activity 1 - The Service Strategy.

  • How to Answer Activity 2- The Service Catalogue.

  • How to Answer Activity 3 - The Service Solution.

  • How to Answer Activity 4 - The Evaluation.

  • How to answer Activity 5 - The Implications of the Solution.

Each Activity is broken down into a set of presentations, class tasks, worksheets and model answers which will give learners a simple way of tackling the controlled assessment.

Included in the pack are:

  • A complete framework to guide learners in what is required for each topic in Parts A and B.

  • Teaching presentations that break the 9 hour exam down into small, lesson-friendly activities.

  • Class tasks & student worksheets.

  • Discussion points.

  • All new Network diagram and ERD activities to give your students more practice before attempting the scenario.

  • A full set of consistent worked examples covering the 'Cinnamon Agricultural' 2019 Exam from start to finish.

Also the Buckton Construction resource has been updated to include more worksheets and to provide a revised framework for Activity 5, as well as adding some new class tasks and discussion activities.

The resource is available for purchase now from our online store.



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