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BTEC IT Unit 2 - Complete Scheme of Work UPDATE!

TheComputingTutor is currently working on a full scheme of work for this unit, along the lines of our other popular Scheme of Work units - Unit 9 Project Management, Unit 5 Spreadsheet Modelling, Unit 6 Website Development and Unit 4 Programming.

The scheme of work will include a complete set of planned resources for:

  • Creating tables in Access.

  • Adding table level data validation in Access.

  • Creating relationships between tables.

  • Creating relationships using Composite Primary Keys

  • How to identify required tables from supplied data.

  • Creating and normalising a database.

  • Creating queries in Access.

  • Creating Reports in Access.

  • Creating Forms in Access.

  • Creating and using calculated fields in Queries, Reports and Forms.

  • How to carry out testing of a database and generate the required evidence.

  • How to evaluate a database against original client requirements.

The scheme of work was due to contain FOUR brand-new exam level scenarios, each containing a full range of differentiated exercises and activities, along with full worked answers, that students can practice on before attempting Exam Standard questions. These activities could be used for in-lesson practice, or to be set for homework.

Two of these resources would contain a relationship based on a Composite Key, the other two would have a single table containing multiple foreign keys.

This is proving quite a challenge to produce and proof in the time available, so to make sure this resource is ready for summer 2023, the resource will be produced with TWO exam scenarios, along with differentiated activities and answers.

A further TWO exam scenarios will be available at a later date as an Expansion Pack for the Scheme of Work. This Expansion Pack will initially only be available to institutions who have purchased the complete Scheme of Work.

These resources will be ready for Summer 2023, so keep checking back!



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