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BTEC Unit 14 IT Service Delivery - Controlled Assessment Part 1

The Unit 14 BTEC IT service delivery Controlled assessment Part A has just been released for the May 2019 Exam series.

The scenario for the June exam is for a Agriculture Machinery service centre, where people can bring their farm vehicles in to get serviced, where they can buy parts for their vehicles as well as booking an engineer to come out to them to repair their vehicles.

For the first part of the IT service Delivery assignment you will need to create the IT Service Schedule.

What is this?

Well, an IT service is anything that adds value to an organisation - for the employees or a customer. For example it could be a fast computer that allows an employee to do their job better, or it could be providing a website that allows a customer to make a booking.

You need to imagine that you are building all the IT services for this Agriculture Service centre and you have to decide how to prioritise them - for example the CCTV cameras needed for the shop might be medium priority, the VPN for remote access would be low priority, but the inventory software for the customer and the machine shop would be high priority.

Once you have identified your services, as well as put them in a priority, you need to JUSTIFY WHY this service is high/ medium or low.

For example, the VPN for remote access is something the company would want to do in the future, they don't need it right now, so if you were buying all the hardware and software for them, you would put this at the bottom of the pile.

You have a couple of weeks to research other companies that do similar things and see how they work.

A good example is:

If you go here, you can enter a vehicle registration, or a car make and model and you would be given a list of available parts for that particular make and model.

This company would use some form of inventory software to track stock levels. A good example of this would be

This software allows you to track inventory, so for your research phase you might look at this, and any hardware and software it will require. This would be a HIGH PRIORITY, as if the company cannot search for parts, then you don't have a business.

You would also need to be able to make bookings, either online or over the phone. A good piece of software to use would be

This software allows you to schedule bookings for any vehicle that comes into the company, and would be accessible by your engineers when they are sent out into the field.

You are required, in Part 1 to come up with a service schedule for the Organisation and for the Customer and to rate each one as a priority.

Other things to consider are how your organisation would comply with GDPR for the customer and the Computer Misuse Act for the organisation. You would only worry about being CMA compliant if you were storing any sensitive data, such as bank details or employee information. As the Office manager deals with Finance you might need a secure network, or at the very least an encrypted database or hard drive.

All of these are the kinds of things you need to think about for producing your service schedule. For information on Activity 2 which is the service catalogue, please make a booking and I can help you more. I can now offer skype support so provided you have skype installed on your computer I can help you from anywhere in the UK.

The very best of Luck!

(c) TheComputingTutor 2019

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