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COMING SOON! A new set of Unit 11 Resources based on the January 2020 Exam - "Brilliant Billboards"

UPDATE: Pearson has decided to keep the January 2020 exam locked until further notice. Until the resources are made public, this release will be on indefinite hold.

The BTEC IT Unit 11 Cyber Security and Incident management is one of the mandatory unit for the Level 3 Extended Diploma.

Pearson has confirmed that there will be no textbook published to cover this unit.

TheComputingTutor, in association with knowitallninja is proud to present a complete model answer for the Controlled Assessment based on the January 2020 Exam 'Brilliant Billboards' and contains lessons on the following:

  • How to answer Activity 1 - the risk assessment

  • How to Answer Activity 2- The Cyber Security Plan

  • How to Answer Activity 3 - The Management Report

  • How to Answer Activity 4 - The Forensic Analysis

  • How to answer Activity 5 - Management Report

Each Activity is broken down into a set of presentations, class tasks, worksheets and model answers which will give learners a simple way of tackling the controlled assessment.

Included in the pack are

  • A complete framework to guide learners in what is required for each topic in Parts A and B

  • teaching presentations

  • class tasks & student worksheets

  • discussion points

  • A full set of consistent worked examples covering the 'Brilliant Billboards' January 2020 Exam.

If you have already purchased the 'Emma's Paintballing Empire' resource pack, this will be available as a discount.

Also the Emma's Paintballing Empire has been updated to include more student worksheets and more exercised to help students track the progress of their work. Worksheets have been updated and task timings have been adjusted. If you have already bought this resource, the updated version will be available free of charge.

Keep checking back for when these resources will be available!



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