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Coming Soon! A Complete Scheme of Work for BTEC IT Unit 5 Data Modelling

Coming soon! A complete scheme of work for BTEC IT Unit 5 Data Modelling.

TheComputingTutor is currently working on a full scheme of work for this mandatory unit, along the lines of our other popular Scheme of Work units - Unit 9 Project Management and Unit 4 Programming.

The scheme of work will include:

  • Several spreadsheets to analyse for Learning Aim A.

  • Lots of practice activities for spreadsheet functions and formulas

  • lessons on spreadsheet design and layout

  • lessons on VBA macro code

  • a complete practice scenario for learners to analyse and design a data model solution for Learning Aims B and C

The Scheme of Work content includes:

  • Teacher presentations

  • Student activities, worksheets and answers

  • A full worked example data model, with answers, for learning aims B and C.

These will be ready for Summer 2022, so keep checking back!



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