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Coming Soon! A Complete Scheme of Work for BTEC IT Unit 2 Creating Systems To Manage Information

TheComputingTutor is currently working on a full scheme of work for this unit, along the lines of our other popular Scheme of Work units - Unit 9 Project Management and Unit 4 Programming.

Pearson has specified that all the original content still needs to be taught, even though it is never going to be used or tested in the exam.

Unlike other schemes of work, which were written for the original 10 hour exam, this new scheme of work will only focus on the material required for the new 5 hour exam.

This scheme of work will therefore NOT include material contained in the original specification content, and is purely focused on the Access skills required for the exam.

The scheme of work will include a complete set of planned resources for:

  • Creating tables in Access.

  • Adding table level data validation in Access.

  • Creating relationships between tables.

  • How to identify required tables from supplied data.

  • Creating and normalising a database.

  • Creating queries in Access.

  • Creating Reports in Access.

  • Creating Forms in Access.

  • How to evaluate a database against original client requirements.

In the meantime, please take a look at the other resources we have to help you deliver the BTEC IT Curriculum.

Thanks for looking!

These resources will be ready for Summer 2023, so keep checking back!



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