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BTEC IT Unit 4 Teaching Resources now available!

Teacher Resources for Assignments 1 and 2 are now available!

The Unit 04 Assignments are relatively straightforward, except that there is a lot of content to cover which could get missed.

TheComputingTutor is pleased to announce the release of a full set of Assignment resources for the Edexel BTEC IT UNIT 4. The resources include:

  • A full set of  PowerPoint templates for Assignment 1 and Assignment 2 as editable PowerPoint slides.

  • Three sets of templates are included, each one covering Learning Aims A, B and C.

  • Each PowerPoint covers all the marking requirements for Pass criteria for Assignments 1 and 2.

  • Each PowerPoint also covers the requirements for Merit and Distinction criteria for Assignments 1 and 2.

  • You have full control of each PowerPoint, so you can edit the slides and move them around to suit your teaching and the needs of your classroom

In addition there is

  • a teacher resource document, with suggested hints and ideas of how to structure the assignment content as well as group ideas for software programs

  • a checklist for your students so they can make sure they have covered all required content for Pass, Merit and Distinction criteria.

These resources will make your marking easier, as you can easily see if any of the required criteria has not been attempted. In addition, your learners will know exactly what they have to do to achieve their grades.

Once you have the resource, you can tailor them towards Pass, Merit and Distinction for individual candidates.

If you are interested in buying the resources, Please email me for purchase information.

For more information, including pricing guidelines and a free, downloadable sample, visit



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