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COMING SOON! Teaching resources for BTEC IT Unit 14 - IT Service Delivery.

UPDATE: The teaching resources are now available for purchase. Go to the ‘for schools’ section of the website or click here

The BTEC IT Unit 14 - IT Service Delivery has to be the most challenging unit in the BTEC Level 3 Course. Not only are there no resources available in the BTEC textbook, or from Pearson, the required ITIL teaching material is not actually covered in the Controlled Assessment exam.

This is like preparing for your times tables maths exam, only to find out you are going to be tested on Long Division.

With this in mind, we are working on a set of teaching resources that will show you, the teacher, how to structure your lessons so your students can make the best use of the research phase, Part A, and then get the most marks from the actual Part B exam.

Keep checking back for more details!



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